The Recovery Series wooden folding attic stairs Trimless installation

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The Recovery Series Wooden Folding Attic Stairs are unlike any other attic stairs.

We chose American-made plywood as a primary and sturdy material for the frame and ladder. Plywood is superior to solid wood in strength and dimensional stability; we are also able to over-size our parts without restrictions created by available lumber sizes. Using plywood also allows us to choose material from sustainable, managed sources and reduce waste. Paired with our heavy-duty hardware, optional 2.5” thick R-12 insulated or 3/4” utility door, the Recovery Series Folding Attic Stairs are high quality, energy-saving products with long-lasting benefits.


Trimless Installation

Trimless installation of Recovery series Calvert Attic stairs using Trim-Tex Tear-Away "L" Bead.


$ 15.00 each, no S/H charge if ordered at the same time as the attic stairs. Will be packed with the stairs. Each kit contains enough bead to finish the entire opening edge. Finishing compound not included.

 Tear Away Bead

Bead Installation

Joint compound application


1. Before the bead can be installed, additional fastening from the wooden attic stairs frame to the ceiling joists is required. Make sure there is enough space between the door panel and the frame to install the bead, without the door rubbing against the bead. Install additional shims between the frame and the ceiling joist to create solid backing for the entire frame, and then fasten the frame to the ceiling joists about every 4”. The reason for this is that the frame cannot move or flex independently of the ceiling structure; any movement of the frame could crack the joint compound applied later.

2. Remove the bead from the packaging and inspect for damage.

3. Cut the bead to length. It should be about a  1/16” shorter than the space inside of the attic stairs frame. The perforated corners do not need to touch or overlap. Do not tear away the 5/16” mask of the bead!

4. The bead supplied with Calvert Attic Stairs already has adhesive tape applied on the perforated portion of the bead. Remove about an 1” of the paper tape protecting the adhesive and bend it away from the bead; this makes it easier to pull away once the bead is in place. Place the bead in place, over the edge of the frame and on the drywall. Make sure it is straight, touching drywall of the ceiling, and against the wooden frame the entire length without any kinking. If everything looks good, start removing the paper tape protecting the adhesive and apply pressure on the bead to make it stick to the drywall ceiling. If adhesive is not holding, staples or few nails can be used to hold the bead in place. The perforated edge has to be touching the drywall the entire length. Slits can be made in the perforated part of the bead if necessary. Be aware that it is not the adhesive or fasteners that will hold the bead in place once finished; the joint compound will do that.

5. The bead is now ready to be finished with joint compound; a standard three layer finish is normally required. In a dry location, the finishing will take at least four days. Each layer will need to dry completely before the next layer of compound can be applied. If you are not familiar with drywall finishing, please search for help and instructions elsewhere.

6. Once the final coat of joint compound is dry, the tear away bead can be removed.   Then you may lightly sand and paint the surface. , , (410) 286-1430,

Calvert USA, Inc, Pobox 841, Solomons MD 20688


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