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There is a difference
  • Doors recessed, flush with the ceiling
  • Insulated R-7 or 3/4” utility
  • Attractive white insulated door panel
  • Self-locking latch, gaskets prevent air leaks
  • Solid, formed steel construction
  • White finished metal frames
  • Unique product provides wall opening access
  • 3/4” utility door recessed, flush with wall surface
  • Solid, formed steel construction
  • White finished metal frames
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • Well balanced, easy to use stairs



Traditionally attic stairs were available in a few basic sizes, non-insulated attic ladders and usually quite unattractive. Finally, attractive energy saving Calvert Attic Stairs are available from Calvert USA, Inc. in more than 60 different sizes and combinations. With ceiling opening sizes from 22.5" x 27.5" to 28" x 54" and many models featuring short swing clearance space requirements, Calvert Attic Stairs can be installed in small walk-in closets, away from main living areas.

Calvert Attic Stairs with insulated door panels, gaskets and latches help builders achieve energy efficient standards required by many new codes and programs. Attractive, energy saving attic stairs are also often requested by the customers. Calvert Attic Stairs are sold directly to contractors/homeowners at trade prices.

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